My mommy and I have been through a ton together. She was there not so long after I was born! I don’t remember then, but she says I was. She keeps me safe and happy. But then, that is her job as Mom of the Dark Empress of All.

She brought me to Mee-shee-ghan some years ago, and we have moved more than once since. She married Bow-tie…now Dad…in 2013. That made me very happy! Two of my favorite servants under one roof? Talk about awesomeness!

We argue over what clothes she should wear, and whether it’s time to play or not. She seems to think play time is not something to do when it’s dark out….

My absolute favorite thing to do with Mom is snuggle while she sleeps, especially after Dad has gone to work. I also like to walk on her while she’s on her back. I don’t do it often, so I’m not sure what her problem is when I do decide to do so. I think she is making up this thing about me weighing more than her ribs can handle. There’s no way I am twice the weight of the Demons!

She started taking me outside a few years ago. Since coming to the castle, I have decided I do not enjoy it as much. Here’s hoping she’ll forget this year….

…She remembered. Crud!